Santi Taura

Who is Santi Taura?

"Llosetí", was born in the summer of 1976.

At the age of 13 he had to face a question that would change his life: “What do you want to do when you grow up”? The desire to differentiate from others, the need to exploit his creativity and ambition made him choose the gastronomy world.

Lover of Mallorca, of its ingredients, traditions, recipes and landscapes.

Santi Taura is, above all, an artisan of cooking. A chef by trade.


During the month of June 2003, the Santi Taura Restaurant opened its doors.

The concept offered by the restaurant is simple. We offer a unique tasting menu for all guests and we change it weekly. The menu consists of 3 starters, fish, meat and dessert and you have the option to extend the menu with our cheese cart.

Lunch from 1.30 pm and dinner from 8.30 pm
Sunday night, Monday and Tuesday closed.

37€ Drinks not included (excluding VAT)

C/ Joan Carles I, 48 / 07360 / Lloseta / Mallorca
(+34) 656 738 214




Should we book in advance?

It is desirable due to limited space in our restaurant and also because we do not trace tables.

Where there is no table available, how should we do it to see if there are cancellations?

If you request a table for a day that now is full but you can wait, you can tell us and we will be happy to note it, as we validate all the tables a few days before and there may be changes or cancellations...

Can we change the number of guests in a made reservation?

If the number of guests will be different than the originally booked, there will be no problem, as long as we know in advance. So we can have your table ready and avoid uncomfortable waiting.

If we have made a reservation and cannot attend, should we tell?

We would appreciate it because your table could be use by others. You can let us know through a call, a text message to the phone number or by email.

What is the Restaurant tasting menu?

The menu consists of three starters, a fish dish, a meat dish and a dessert, the menu can be extended with our cheese cart.
The menu is based on the cuisine of our island but with a current presentation.

How long does it take to eat?

The restaurant menu without cheese, 1 hour and 30 minutes.

If I'm allergic, celiac, intolerant to certain foods or simply something we do not like, is there any alternative?

Yes, of course, no problem. However, we will appreciate if you can tell us with enough time, then the kitchen staff can be prepared for changes and do not have to break the rhythm of restaurant service.

I'm a vegetarian, do you have separate menu?

Yes, we adapt our 6-course menu with no problem. We will appreciate if you can tell us with enough time in order to have your menu ready and do not have to break the rhythm of restaurant service.

Are children allowed both for lunch and dinner?

Yes, of course. Furthermore, we can prepare special dishes for them, as long as the notice is given in advance to have it ready.

After dinner, bar service is there in the restaurant?

Yes, we have a variety of liquors and spirits available.



Oil Santi Taura

We believe in products made at home. They are always tasty, healthy and fresh. So we prepare olives and olive oil from Fornalutx so you can enjoy it in the restaurant and also at home.

You can buy it at our restaurant.

Book Santi Taura

The book contains some of his work and some of the most important recipes.

You can buy it at our restaurant.